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Pick and Pack Services for Fashion Companies and others

Our Warehouses at the points of entry in the United States and Canada, are specialized in handling garments of all types including Garments On Hangers. We can get your Products to your clients in any manner that is required. We have a great deal of experience in delivering garments to Department Stores like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. and we know their requirements.

If your products are pre packed, we will prepare them for delivery by UPS or common carrier or for pick up by your client by attaching the proper labels to the cartons.

If you ship your products in bulk, we will pick the orders according to the packing list you provide, pack them in appropriate cartons, label the cartons and ship them to your clients.

Of course, we will maintain accurate records of all the ins and outs in order to make sure that every piece is accounted for. We can provide the Pick and Pack Services for businesses in any industry.

Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

We have a distribution network that makes it possible to economically distribute your products to all points in the United States and Canada. We have warehouses (including warehouses that specialize in apparel) in all major North American cities, airports and ports. We have agreements and contacts with all major carriers that operate internationally (steamship companies and airlines) or domestically (UPS, air couriers, airlines, railroads and motor carriers). Consequently we can handle shipments of any size and deliver them to any point in the United States and Canada.

Just In Time Delivery

For your clients that require just in time delivery, we locate a warehouse near their premises. We deliver your full load to the warehouse and then we arrange for JUST IN TIME DELIVERY of the quantities requested by your client. For example we have a client in the automotive industry that has to supply several clients’ plants with parts. We have sited a warehouse about 1 mile from each plant. Every morning we deliver the parts to each plant at 8 AM, JUST IN TIME for the first assembly shift.

Reworking • Relabeling • Order Fullfillment

We can correct any errors made at time of shipment to the United States or Canada or make changes required at the last minute by the Client by repacking, relabeling or rearranging items packed. We provide order fulfillment services for e commerce firms or catalog retailers.