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This is our most comprehensive package of Services. It is ideal for Companies just setting up their subsidiary in North America, for Companies whose Overhead Costs in North America are not justified by their sales and for Companies that have stores in the United States.

We have an excellent software package for accounting purposes that provides an unlimited number of time saving reports. It includes a specialized module for the Fashion Industry that can track multiple divisions, multiple warehouses and multiple commissions to sales people for the same sale. Once we enter the Purchase Orders you have obtained, the system can provide reports by style, by division or by collection. This means that it can create Purchase Orders for your vendors.

  1. Provide the Company with the physical infrastrucure (offices, computers, furniture, software, personnel, warehouses, etc.) necessary to run a business in the US and Canada.
  2. Provide one or more dedicated phone lines (answered with Company’s name) as required.
  3. Set up an Accounting System with all of the Company’s data.
  4. Receive all Purchase Orders from Customers, Sales reps or others.
  5. Contact customers to verify orders and establish delivery mode.
  6. Prepare and send Order Confirmations to customers, if required.
  7. Prepare a Packing list for each shipment and coordinate delivery with the Warehouse.
  8. Keep track of all Proofs of Delivery.
  9. Issue an Invoice for each shipment to a Customer and log it into the Accounting System.
  10. Manage the Inventory logging in all incoming and outgoing Products.
  11. Monitor all due dates for Account Receivables Invoices
  12. Solicit payments from Customers before and especially after Invoice due dates.
  13. Receive payments from Clients and log them into the Accounting System.
  14. Contact Customers who take Credits to determine if the Credits are justified.
  15. Deposit checks into the Company’s bank account.
  16. Notify Company of all payments received and deposits made.
  17. Keep copies of all checks received.
  18. Process payments made by Customers with credit cards and log them into Accounting System.
  19. Manage returns. Make appropriate entries in the Accounting System and return sellable items to inventory.
  20. Manage and calculate commissions due to Sales Agents.
  21. Log into Accounting System all Supplier Invoices.
  22. Log into Accounting System all payments made to Suppliers.
  23. Manage Payroll if there is one, through a Third Party Payroll Service and log into Accounting System all Payroll related transactions.
  24. Reconcile all monthly bank statements.
  25. Provide the Company with all required Accounting Reports.
  26. Provide the Company’s CPA with all Accounting Information required to prepare Income Tax Returns.
  27. Log into Accounting System all of Company’s transactions according to US financial regulations.
  28. Make modifications in the Accounting System deemed necessary by the CPA.
  29. Provide all of the Professional Structure (CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent, etc,) necessary to operate in the United States and Canada.
  30. Provide though Third Party Professionals all the Services (Medical Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Credit Insurance, etc.) required by the Company and its employees.
  31. Give the Company Internet Access to all its Accounting Records.

Store Management

If you have stores in the United States, we are able to integrate their accounting into your company’ overall business as above. In addition we can track all expenses and revenues by location and track the inventory. We walso manage all personnel problems and we manage all Sales Tax filings in the appropriate states.