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After many years of managing stores in the United States for several clients we have become experts at exactly what is needed to open a store in the United States. We offer this expertise to companies that are considering opening a retail outlet in this market on a consulting basis. Our intervention will assist you in avoiding cost overruns, errors and delays because we will advise on all the items listed below.

  1. All the applicable rules pertaining to your particular product.
  2. Finding a store in the appropriate location.
  3. General monthly operating costs.
  4. Regulations pertinent to employees.
  5. Prevailing employee salaries and benefits.
  6. What insurance policies are required and what policies are advisable.
  7. Sales tax regulations.
  8. Corporate tax information.
  9. Merchant Services information (receiving payments by credit and debit cards).
  10. Transportation costs for you merchandise from point of origin to the store.
  11. Warehousing costs.
  12. US Customs Duties and other charges.
  13. Labeling regulations especially important for clothing.
  14. RN identification necessary for products made with textiles.
  15. Licenses needed to open a store.
  16. Creating a corporation in the United States.


Once your store or stores are open in the United States, we propose to manage them on your behalf. We can do this more efficiently, more transparently and more economically because of our experience and expertise. Below are brief details of what we do for other companies that have stores in America.

  1. Provide the physical infrastructure (offices, computers, furniture, etc.) to the Company needed to conduct business in the US.
  2. Set up in the Company in our computerized accounting system.
  3. Manage the Company’s importation of Products into the Territory and manage their delivery into the distribution center.
  4. Provide a warehouse, manage the inventory and make deliveries to the stores.
  5. Receive daily statements from the store manager with details of cash receipts and credit card receipts and post them in the accounting system.
  6. Do bank reconciliations and verify that cash and credit card bank deposits match figures on the manager’s statements and resolve any discrepancies.
  7. Prepare and send sales tax filings with pertinent payments, to the appropriate state agency. Prepare income tax returns.
  8. Receive, audit and log into accounting system, vendors’ invoices and relative payments.
  9. Manage the Company’s payroll through a third party payroll services provider.
  10. Manage Human resources including salaries, medical coverage, pension plan if any, days worked by all employees, etc.
  11. Supply and manage all required and optional insurance policies.
  12. Assist Company in determining appropriate remuneration for employees.
  13. Post into accounting system all the Company’s financial transactions according to US fiscal regulations.
  14. Provide Company with weekly or monthly financial reports.
  15. Give Company Internet access to its accounting system.